SoloXolo - Team Nico

Hola, amigos! Welcome to the new site for Xolos, SoloXolo

It’s been a dream of ours for quite a while to create a new site, blog and shop for “all things Xolo” – welcome to SoloXolo!

We’re finally creating a community for people like us that have a Xolo as well as for those that want to learn more about the breed’s long history and culture, meet other Xolo owners, or maybe even start the loving responsibility to care for one.

After answering questions from curious and surprised pet owners since moving [back] to the USA, there is a lot of misinformation yet a tremendous opportunity to talk about this exotic-looking breed. One of the most fundamental steps to our launch was to create the educational Xolo info page. It took quite an effort (and a long holiday weekend) to study, collect and organize breed information and to make it attractive as well as useful. I hope that you like that page and share it with your friends.

In future posts and pages, we’ll share our own adventures, lessons, experiences and tips as part of “Team Nico”. We’ll also invite others to contribute their knowledge, suggestions, and opinions. And we invite you to join us, too – you can create a free profile, submit news & events, and begin connecting with others in SoloXolo.