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Xolos show love, get love

Thank you for wanting to educate the public and share news about the Xolo breed and SoloXolo. Please respect the following guidelines when using our name, images and branding for your features, articles, radio shows, TV segments and blogs.

1. We do not approve of articles using our copyrighted name, logo, slogan, and branded merchandise that link to third party advertisers that are not officially partnered with us. This causes public confusion and competitive issues with current official partners.

2. We request and very much appreciate that you include a link to or when writing about SoloXolo. Note that it’s common to provide simplified spelling and/or to pronounce the dog breed name: Xolo = “show-low” and Xoloitzcuintle = “show-low-its-queen’-tlee” with emphasis on the fourth syllable ).

3. The team & founders are busy but look forward to talking to you. Please send an interview request first in writing – to save time, please also include email questions if we’re unable to accommodate your interview request.

Thanks again!

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